The International Network for School Attendance


The International Network for School Attendance (INSA) exists for all those who wish to promote school attendance and respond to school attendance problems. It aims to compile, generate, evaluate, and disseminate information, assessment, and intervention strategies.

INSA is run on a voluntary basis but it is growing fast and developing initiatives despite limited resources. Whether you’re an academic who'd like to share research, a practitioner looking for successful interventions, or a policymaker keen to link up with colleagues in other countries, INSA is here for you.

A wealth of information is freely available on the website and we encourage you to contribute; get in touch via our contact page. In addition, INSA membership is only 70 EUR per year. Members have access to: videos of webinars and 50+ presentations from the 2019 conference; a Discussion Forum for consultation and collaboration with practitioners and researchers around the world; the quarterly newsletter INStAnt!; and discounted registration for the next conference.

This Week's News


    Share your work on supporting young people through disruptions, via INSA's collaboration with the journal Continuity in Education. 



    Professionals with experience in school refusal are invited to share their opinions as part of a project to inform parenting guidelines. Click 'contact person' to express interest.


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