'American Educational Research Association' and 'Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development' offer a free webinar on November 29th, about schooling during a pandemic. 


An article by English & Swedish scholars exmaines learning loss due to school closures during the pandemic.


A US team studied school engagement (from attendance to preparation for class) for low-income students, with implications for students, practitioners, & policymakers. 


A new essay describes recessive truancy (students appear to be 'online' but not actively participating in class) as a factor affecting online teaching and learning.


The 2nd Nordic Conference on School Absenteeism will be held online on Wednesday 10th November 2021. Presentations are in English. 


A report by Donald Braman and co-authors describes efforts to encourage families to engage with community-based organizations to increase school attendance. 


Attendance Works provides examples of 'foundational supports', the building blocks schools use to promote school attendance. 


Trude Havik and Jo Magne Ingul share teachers' experiences and views of home schooling for youths with attendance problems. 


A new report by Esther Pijl and colleagues reveals challenges and opportunities to address sickness absence in primary schools.


Check out recent dissertations on school attendance and absenteeism, with details of the work being done and conclusions for the field. 


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