People, groups, and organizations

  • The IMERIS Association works with the mission of providing specialized attention and intervention to minors and families in situations of social and/or family conflict. Via the program ‘Prevention, Monitoring, and Control of School Absenteeism’, mediation is carried out between the Educational Centre, the student, and the family system.
  • The El Fanal Association seeks the personal and social development of families at risk of exclusion. They work to achieve a society in which everyone has the right to develop their personal and social skills - in equality and freedom - through education, employment, and the exercise of citizenship. Among other programs, they have a project on prevention of school absenteeism.
  • The University Association of Education and Psychology (ASUNIVEP) offers different distance international congresses of scientific interest on psychological, educational and health contexts.

Current and upcoming activities and achievements

  • June 2019 (12th – 14th): XXVI INFAD Psychology Congress with the title “Psychological positioning: Positive psychology, current world and psycho-socio-educational realities”. Salamanca.
  • March 2019 (21st – 23rd): International Congress on Education and Intervention: Psychoeducational, Family and Social. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Earlier activities and achievements

Helpful links and other resources

  • Compilation of Good Municipal Practices in the Prevention and Care for School Absenteeism and Bullying (2018). Madrid: Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.
  • The Spanish version of the School Refusal Assessment Scale Revised:
  • Spanish-language books and chapters about school refusal:
    • Gonzálvez, C., Inglés, C. J., & García-Fernández, J. M. (2018). No quiero ir al colegio. El niño que rechaza la escuela [I do not want to go to school. The child who rejects school]. Madrid: Pirámide.
    • Giménez-Urraco, E. y Marhuenda, F. (2012). Fracaso, absentismo y abandono escolar reconocer los límites del sistema para corregir y ofrecer alternativas que garanticen el derecho a la educación [Failure, absenteeism and school dropout recognize the limits of the system to correct and offer alternatives that guarantee the right to education]. In M. A. Manzanares (coord.), Educational themes in the spotlight (pp. 187-220). Madrid: Wolters Kluwer España.

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