These resources can aid standardized recruitment and assessment of youth with attendance problems. This includes standardized assessment of factors affecting absence and attendance (e.g., family factors and school factors). Here we also provide access to theories of absence/attendance, and in due course we wish to provide access to data which have been made publicly available. These data can be re-examined through new perspectives which are forthcoming. If you are looking for resources in a language other than English, please check the ‘My Country’ menu.

Disclaimer: INSA’s Mission encourages us to disseminate as much readily available information as possible, without judgement. The sharing of this information should not be seen as an endorsement by INSA. Please access and use the information with proper judgement. Information shared remains the right of those who authored it and they maintain such right even when you access the information via the INSA website. Please reach out to the authors directly if you have questions or suggestions.

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