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People, groups, and organizations

Not for profit

  • Youth Mental Health Canada is a “grassroots, youth-driven and led non-profit organization focused on education and advocacy for youth mental health change.” This organization does research on school refusal and offers workshops on the issue.
  • Pathways to Education is a national organization that aims to increase graduation rates in low socioeconomic communities throughout Canada. Although their primary focus is on dropout prevention, the group does extensive work to decrease absenteeism. 
  • Anxiety Canada is an organization that is focused on alleviating and helping individuals cope with anxiety related issues.
  • The Ontario Association for Counselling and Attendance Services is an organization that involves provincial attendance counselors who work with students with high levels of absenteeism.
  • Restorative Resolutions is a company that offers workshops and coaching for staff to manage absenteeism, as well as some resource on absenteeism.
  • School Mental Health Ontario is an organization that works with school districts to support student mental health, including issues pertaining to school anxiety.  

Current and upcoming activities and achievements

  • 2020 June: Report on absenteeism - Fowler, T.A., & McDermott, M. (2020). How can school systems weave together Indigenous ways of knowing and response-to-intervention to reduce chronic absenteeism in Alberta? Final report. University of Calgary.
  • 2020 June: The Ontario Association for Counselling and Attendance Services will be holding its annual conference.
  • 2020 April: Dissertation on absenteeism - Birioukov, A. (2020). Attending to absentees: An investigation of how four urban alternative schools respond to absenteeism[Unpublished doctoral thesis]. University of Ottawa.
  • 2020: Publication on absenteeism - Chard, C., Wigfield, D., & Potwarka, L. (2020). Innovative youth tournament schedules to minimize school absenteeism: An exploratory study. Sports Innovation Journal, 1, 1-17.
  • 2020 February: Publication on absenteeism - Brown, S.R., Gallagher-Mackay, K., & Parekh, G. (2020). Redefining risk: Human rights and elementary school factors predicting post-secondary access. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 28(21).
  • 2020 February: Opinion piece written by John Wiens (Dean Emeritus at the Faculty of Education, University Manitoba) in the Winnipeg Free Press, titled “Student Absenteeism is Everybody’s Problem,” in which he comments about the difficulties associated with raising attendance. 
  • 2020 January: News article by Meghan Collie in the Globe and Mail titled “How Awarding Perfect Attendance Can Backfire on Children: Experts” that discusses concerns with praising students for attending school and giving out perfect attendance awards. 

Past activities and achievements

Helpful links and other resources

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