INSA is a wholly not-for-profit network. Membership fees and revenue from conference registrations are used exclusively to support the administrative work of INSA. The work of INSA is also supported by contributions in kind from those who devote their time to the work of INSA's committees. No members of INSA receive salaries or honoraria for their work.

Membership of INSA supports the work of an international community committed to promoting school attendance and responding to absenteeism. In this way, it also supports you. Members receive subscription to INStAnt! (the quick-and-easy update on attendance issues, developments, activities, and resources), access to conference materials (including videos of presentations), and access to the communication platform which opens in Febuary 2020 (providing opportunities for direct exchange of information and ideas among members). During 2020 INSA plans to launch the webinar service via which experts from many fields will share their research and practice. Use the ‘BECOME A MEMBER’ menu above to register for membership. Yearly membership fees are 70 EUR.


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