The International Network for School Attendance (INSA) promotes school attendance and responds to school attendance problems. We compile, generate, evaluate, and disseminate information, assessment, and intervention strategies.


All persons interested in school attendance.


  1. To ensure all stakeholders have access to current developments in the field.
  2. To share data from research and best practice.
  3. To connect and mentor junior researchers and practitioners.
  4. To convene annually at different locations throughout the world.
  5. To document deliberations in the field – past, present, and future.

In pursuing this mission:

  • We ensure INSA activities are guided by stakeholder input (students, families, schools, communities, practitioners, researchers, policy-makers, representatives of cultural and indigenous groups).
  • We encourage multidisciplinary, rigorous research and practice that emphasize individual, family, school, community, and cultural factors associated with school attendance and absence.
  • We develop and test conceptual models to advance understanding of school attendance and absence.
  • We develop and test assessment methods as well as prevention and treatment interventions.
  • We foster international collaboration to enhance attention to cultural factors and achieve consistency in conceptualizing, classifying, and communicating about attendance problems.
  • We facilitate translation of materials.

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