INSA Projects

  • Members of INSA are contributing articles to a Research Topic within Frontiers in Psychology and Frontiers in Education. The Research Topic is titled “School Attendance and Problematic School Absenteeism in Youth”, edited by Christopher Kearney, Carolina Gonzálvez, and David Heyne. The articles are coming online when they are ready. You are also welcome to submit an Abstract for consideration by the Editors.
  • INSA members from Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands are collaborating on a study titled 'On the Frontline'. Please see the brochure for details. This is a feasibility study of the implementation and evaluation of a school-based framework which accentuates early identification and response to emerging absenteeism. Early identification and response serves as prevention for the development of severe and chronic absenteeism. Contact: David Heyne (

Other Projects

  • The KiTeS project stands for 'Kids & Teens at School'. It is a collaboration between Monash University in Australia, Warwick University in the UK, and Leiden University in the Netherlands. The study will assess school attendance problems in children and young people with an intellectual disability (ID) across mainstream and special schools. The three aims of the study are: (1) To establish the rate of school attendance problems in students with an intellectual disability; (2) To build a profile of the types of school attendance problems (e.g. school refusal, school withdrawal, truancy, school exclusion); and (3) To identify the factors associated with different types of school attendance problems. For further information see: 
    Contact: Glenn Melvin ( 

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