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People, groups, and organizations

  • ‘The International Association for Truancy and Drop-out Prevention’ (IATDP) “is an association of educators, government officials and stakeholders whose history of truancy and dropout prevention efforts date back to 1911”:
  • ‘Attendance Works’ is a national and state initiative to advance student success by reducing chronic absence:
  • The National Centre for School Engagement (NCSE) promotes attendance, attachment, and achievement. The NCSE “collaborates with school districts, law enforcement agencies, courts, and state and federal agencies to support youth and their families to be engaged at school”, with special attention to truancy, dropout, and bullying prevention. This website includes resources for disengaged school youth at risk for dropout.,

Current and upcoming activities and achievements

Past activities and achievements

  • October 2019: The 109th Annual Conference of the International Association for Truancy and Drop-out Prevention (IATDP) was held in Memphis (TN).

Helpful links and other resources

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