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People, groups, and organizations

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  • There are examples of good work in various municipalities around Sweden. Currently there is no overview of this work, formal evaluation, or comparison to control. Contact:
  • Maria Arvidsson and Voktor Vesterberg conduct research on policies about “skolplikt” (school obligation). Contact: and
  • Martin Karlberg, PhD, Researcher and Senior Lecturer, Department of Education, Uppsala University, Sweden. Contact

For profit

Current and upcoming activities and achievements

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Past activities and achievements

  • 2017 January: A governmental investigation was conducted in 2017, focused on promoting attendance in the Swedish compulsory school system. The investigation resulted in changes in the school law related to school absenteeism. The changes primarily concern assessing reasons for school absenteeism, information at transitions from one school to another, and cooperation. The changes are valid from July 1st 2018.
  • 2016-2018: #jagmed is a project with joint effort among counties to reduce the number of young people dropping out of school. The aim was to help young people return to studies or internships/work and get a permanent affiliation to the labour market. The project was funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) Contact: Lars-Inge Jonsson,, & Josefin Brüde Sundin,

Helpful links and other resources

  • Hjärnpodden (2019) - A discussion between school doctor Kristina Bähr and expert Malin Gren Landell on preventing school absenteeism.
  • Borås (2018) Tidiga insatser – Report from a project on early attendance to non-attendance in grades 1-3. Clear conclusions on what is needed in terms of organisational level to promote attendance in schools.
  • Svedala kommun – Checklist for promoting school attendance, key points for working with attendance etc.
  • UR Lärlabbet – Interview with teachers, headmaster, and experts on how to promote school attendance.
  • Sveriges kommuner och landsting (2012, Vänd frånvaro till närvaro – A guide to promotion of school attendance.
  • Prevalence of school absenteeism (förekomst av skolfrånvaro)
  • Dropout/secondary school level
    • PlugInnovation National platform for information on various projects on preventing dropout.
    • Temagruppen unga i arbetslivet (2013) 10 orsaker till avhopp - A national report on what students report as causes to early school leaving.
    • GRdropout (2014) – Report from a project financed by the European Social Fund. It describes statistics and studies on the effect of dropout, regional efforts and needs in the area, research studies and reports on the issue and experiences from the project.
    • Region Dalarna (2018) Plugga klart - Report on a project on the prevention of dropout in a region of Sweden.  
    • Webbased education to prevent dropout
    • Skolinspektionen (2015) Kvalitetsgranskning förebygga studieavbrott – A national report on Swedish schools’ work to prevent dropout from secondary school.

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