These are resources which could help schools promote attendance, understand absenteeism, and intervene with absenteeism. Some resources may be evidence-based while others are emerging practice. Many of the resources presented here may be helpful for Tier 1 work (e.g., whole school programs to promote attendance) and Tier 2 work (e.g., early intervention for emerging attendance problems). If you are looking for resources in a language other than English, please check the ‘My Country’ menu.

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  • 'Attendance Playbook': " ... each page of this playbook describes an intervention, identifies the problem it solves, summarizes supporting research, and highlights schools or school districts that have used the strategy successfully." Authored by P. Jordan (2019). 
  • 'School refusal: A small guide to supporting school attendance', written for those personnel working at schools and in student welfare who meet with children and young people who are often absent from school, and also written for their parents and guardians. Authors of the booklet are J. Sergejeff, T. Pilbacka-Rönkä, and H. Mantila. 
  • Material for schools, to help them support youth and families affected by school refusal. There is a one-page summary and a more detailed document.
  • Information about school refusal, prepared for educators by Dr Mary Wimmer for the National Association of School Psychologists in the USA:

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